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About Me

Luigina Vecchione's heart beats to the rhythm of a bygone era. Raised on her parents' stories, she found herself lost in a world of adventure, romance, and drama. Her own journey has been just as colorful.

From waiting tables to working in advertising to acting in film and theatre, Luigina's life has been a patchwork of roles and experiences. Alongside her husband Dennis, they've given their kids, Kelly and Jolie, a taste of the world while living in England and Switzerland. They've swum in Tahiti, skied the Alps, experienced Octoberfest in Germany, walked the cobblestone streets of many Italian villages, and explored temples in Bangkok.

Now settled in New York City, Luigina spends her days writing and nights dreaming up plots and characters. With Dennis and their senior dog Luna by her side, she finds comfort in the everyday magic of storytelling. Writing is how she makes sense of the world around her, breathing new life into days gone by. And as long as there are stories left to tell, Luigina will be there, pen in hand, ready to share them with the world.

Stay tuned for more to come as I continue my journey…

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