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Returning to the states, she lived on the small island of Jamestown in Rhode Island where a fabulous community theatre that recruited her to direct. She also filled a void in the island’s middle school programs by starting an after school drama club and produced and directed three plays. 
Four years later, she moved to New Jersey and opened DennyLoo studios in Montclair where acting classes for all ages were held. Although she enjoyed running the studio, family obligations forced her to close within a year. 
To keep her creative juices flowing, she joined a writing group and began a six year literary journey. The result was her book Greetings from Asbury Park which is enjoying 4.6 out of five star reviews.  

Now that her children are thriving adults, she and her husband ditched the Jersey suburbs for Manhattan where she is acting once again. A play reading at La Mamma studios this summer brought out her inner Italian zia while two short films performed this fall allowed her discover her more vulnerable side.

Stay tuned for more to come!


Greetings from Asbury Park: A World War Two love story

Luigina Vecchione develops a brave lead character, wiser than her age, and who is dedicated to her family, the kind of character I could not help rooting for when reading this charming book. - Reader’s Favorite Review

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